Crazy, I just forgot it

Oh my God, I really didn’t realize if it was my wife’s b-day. I came home late at night, about 11.00 clock. After spending few minutes talking to my wife, we went to bed. She didn’t tell anything or gave me some hints if tomorrow is her b-day. Fatique after working the whole day, i fell asleep. I woke up suddenly when my wife was about to leave for work. "Darling, I go ahead. Just take care, I love you!" Ok, honey. God bless!

Few minutes later she sent a short message to my mobile phone, saying, "Hey, do you remember what date is today?" "O my God, to day is 26 April, my wife’s b-day! Oh no, I must be crazy right now. I should not forget this special moment of my beloved wife. Yes, i was to tired that night, I din’t remember even any big thing. So, i asked an honest apology and greet her a warm happy b-day.

Yes, the nature of my work is now eating me. Work as an editor for students’ text book really make me crazy. It is really a busy moment for us before the beggining of the school year here in Indonesia. So, we have only 3-5 months to prepare the books and sell it to the schools around. So, I could excused my self of forgeting my wife’s B-day.

Overall, I love you honey. Thanks alot for your dedication. You really dedicate your time not only teaching the students in school, but also accompany our only daughter in her growth. I just ask and pray, may our Lord Jesus Christ helps us and grant us an everlasting joy.

Love you!


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